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Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?

"Beware, these red-blooded ramblers have the goods. Celebrating the music of the Rolling Stones, that's what they do. This act is much more than just a tribute band,

they evoke the raw essence of what made the early-era Stones live show extraordinary. Fueled by genuine admiration, their live show materializes in a veritable manifestation that you have to see for yourself."

Rolling Stoners at Glitter Ball 6, Fine Line Music Cafe, MN

Did somebody say party?

High energy, rock n roll and lasting memories are spontaneously served up to your audience every time. This collective of experienced touring musicians and their collobrative management group are always looking to provide a scaleable entertainment event perfect for your space or party.

Rolling Stoners at Preservation Plaza, Okoboji, IA

They got the goods.

The group is able to provide audio and light production when needed. If you're looking for something extra special, they also welcome the opportunity to collobrate and plan an event idea that's "outside-of-the-box". Please don't hesitate to reachout with any questions.


"They got the moves like Jagger.
When they hit the stage the audience get's their rocks off!"

CEO, Rock The Cause (Glitter Ball 6)

Z., Promoter
(Jameson Bartenders Ball)

"The Rolling Stoners are perfect for a jumpin' party! Just ask anyone who came to the Jameson Bartenders Ball at First Ave!"

K., Promoter
(Highland Fest, Saint Paul)

"The Rolling Stoners are killing it at Highland Fest tonight. If you need a band, book these guys, trust me!"

M., Founder
(Crow Union Music Fest)

"Stoners Alert: The Rolling Stoners stepped up to the plate with a BIG stick at Crow Union 5."

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